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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ten Minute Table Runner

*Before I get started on this project, let me just say that I am HORRIBLE at thinking of post titles.  Mine are soooo boring!  I was just going to put “striped table runner” but that’s so blah!  I like the alliteration with this one, but if your table runner takes any more than 10 minutes, you’ve got issues.  Unless you’re making something spectacular like this.  Then I guess you have an incredible table runner!*

But anyway…Remember this coffee dyed fabric that I love?
I used it for another project this weekend, and had just a bit left over.  So I decided to use my new best friend to make a quick table runner.img_0993
And apparently, I took NO pictures of the process.  I’m guessing that I took pictures without a memory card in my camera.  My camera PRETENDS to take pictures when there is no card, but it has no internal memory, so there are not really any pictures.  And yes, it says “NO CARD” nice and big on the screen, but I use the actual view finder to take my pictures, so I may not have noticed it.  Sigh.  I knew this project went too smoothly.  And something ALWAYS goes wrong!
img_0995So anyway.  I used the leftover fabric, ironed the edges for a hem, stuck some Stitch Witchery (my new BFF) under there, ironed again, and Bob’s-Your-Uncle!  (Does anybody else say that?  I’ve never heard anyone but family members say it…)
I put it on my dining room table.  And it was too short.  Drats.
And then I remembered this guy.  She’s an adorable sewing machine table that I’ve had since I was a little girl.  And I ruined the top.  But no one can see that anymore!img_0986img_0983  img_0990 img_0992    img_0996 img_0999
Have you ever used stitch witchery?  Any other great uses that I’m missing out on?
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