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Saturday, May 22, 2010


What is the rule?  Budget 5% more money and time for every project?  At our house, it should be 200% more money and time.  Because things just never go as planned.
Last night, we finally started on our new gravel walkway.
This is the old sidewalk.  It was very uneven, causing water to puddle, and then in the winter, freeze into a wonderful ice skating rink.  And then, part of it was dug up in order to bury an electric line last fall.  So we decided it was time for it to go.
We decided on a gravel walkway for several reasons, but mostly because of the cost and ease of putting it in.  If I had everything I wanted in the world, we would be putting in a sidewalk made of antique, reclaimed brick, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I cannot believe I’m showing the world these pictures.  We did a lot of work on our house by ourselves before we got our first flock of turkeys, but since then, hubby hasn’t had time.  He says, after two more flocks go to market, we should be able to hire someone to side the house.  Thank goodness.
img_1632 img_1635
This picture really shows how uneven the sidewalk was.  Water would pool right here, in front of the door.
We are going to use the brick to line the new walkway, and we may imbed some in the intersection here, just for some interest.
img_1637 img_1638
A small patio (12x14) will be nestled in the shade of the lilac bush.  It will be separated from the driveway by a perennial bed and antique stair railing.
I am so glad we have the right tools for the job!
img_1644 img_1645 img_1647
Right about now, we started smelling smoke.  A poor momma birdie had her home burnt down.  But maybe if she hadn’t built her home INSIDE the bobcat, she wouldn’t be rebuilding right now.
So this is where we’re at right now.  Lots of mud.  Lots of standing around talking about how exactly to grade the yard so we don’t have the same water problem again.
Remember how I said LOTS of mud.  Well, now there are lots of dark rain clouds, too.
And they are scheduled to hit just as hubby was planning to do the grading.  So he’s grading this morning and the little turkeys will just have to wait until this afternoon.
Any bets on what will be next?  Broken water line? Tornado?  We haven’t spent any money yet on this project (except for the load of rock) so maybe it’s our budget that will be taking a blow?  It’s anyone’s guess!

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  1. You are going to love this when it is done. Thank goodness we married men with big toys, I mean tools, to help us with all our ideas. I hope the rain passes over quickly!!

  2. This is going to be beautiful when it is done. I can't wait to see the pictures. And I'm with Leah, I'm glad we married men that have the "tools" to help us with our ideas, but not necessarily the time. I've been waiting on a deck for 5 years now because when we built our house my husband and father-in-law said not to pay the builder to build our deck because they could build it. I now know that yes, they are capable of building a deck, but they have NO time to build a deck. Hope you didn't get too much rain today.

  3. It is going to be so pretty. You will be so glad that you did it...and that it is done.

  4. No more rain! I'm sorry you have mud! Hopefully, it will dry soon and you can continue on with your great project!

  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great comment!

  6. Projects around my house are very similar, they never quite go as planned. We started landscaping this past weekend. Oyyy... is my back ever sore. :)

  7. I can't wait to see the finished walkway. Maybe it will inspire me to fix mine! Rain, rain go away!

  8. My husband is also third generation turkey grower. You will love your project when it is done. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  9. Can't wait to see the finished walkway. I'm sure it will be perfect. I'll be doing a post about gravel sometime this week. Jean

  10. My wife and I can relate totally... our 150 year old Wisconsin Cheesefactory has almost become a lifetime project... I don't know how we could ever leave here after such an investment of ourselves... all I can say is enjoy the projects... they become a big part of who you are eventually! Larry at Oak Lawn Cheese Factory

  11. I've always wanted to drive a bobcat. What an awesome house you've got. I can't wait to see the finished walkway!

  12. I love this! I am excited to see your progress next week. Paula in IDaho
    p.s. I think your house is charming


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