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Saturday, May 29, 2010

No More Mudwalk!

I’m a little behind posting this.  That’s okay, though, right?
Here is the first part of the project.
After we finished excavating, we laid down some water permeable weed barrier.  In my gardens, I usually use newspapers, but we went for the real stuff this time.
We anchored it with bricks, and then dumped the rocks.
There will be an intersection in front of the door, and hubby wanted the corners to be round so that it was easier to mow around.  He did 3 corners exactly the same (five bricks, measured where the curve started and where it ended) but the 4th corner was giving him fits.  He spent almost an hour working on it, and at one point said, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!  Why isn’t this working?”  I couldn’t get it to work, either, but I wasn’t on crazy pills so I didn’t care.
(Don’t you love Adam’s mismatched socks?  He picked them out himself. :)  That’s the way we roll around here.)
We used patio paver bricks to line the walkway and I LOVE it. 
Trust me, the curves at the end of the walkway are perfect here, thanks to hubby.  I just wasn’t standing square in front of the house when I took the picture.  Oops!
We haven’t tamped it down yet – still spreading rock and dirt.  But I’m pretty confident that it will compact and make a nice, water permeable sidewalk.
Here is the new patio!  See all the shade?  Can’t wait to enjoy it!
Overall cost:
$270 – load of gravel delivered to our house.  LOTS left over.
$200 – patio paver bricks and weed barrier
= $470 – A LOT cheaper than concrete (but still kind of an investment.)
Now comes the fun part – decorating!
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