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Friday, June 18, 2010

Now you see it, now you don’t! How to Clone in Memory Manager

I just want to show you something cool:
my husband.
Just kidding.  I mean, that is him, but what I want to show you is the pole coming out of the top of his head.  Not so cute.  Been kind of bothering me.
But look at this!
Yep, I made him cut down the pole, and then re-shot the photo.
Just kidding again!  (Geez, I’m funny today, aren’t I?)
I actually used Memory Manager to take out the pole.  And it’s SOOOO easy!
img_2039 img_2039
Doesn’t it make the picture, like, 100x better?
So here’s how you do it.
In Memory Manager, click on the “Touchup” Ribbon.
Click “Clone.”  Change your brush size and pressure (I start with the largest brush size appropriate for the picture, and a light brush hardness, so it blends better.)  Then click the part you want to copy – that’s the + in the trees.  The 0 on the pole is where I’m going to copy the trees to.
“Paint” over the pole.  Your + will move as you paint.  If you need to pick a new location for the +, press shift and click the new point.
To get close to his head, zoom in, and make your brush smaller.
(And while you’re at it, add some more hair!  Just kidding again!  But this is totally cracking me up!!!)
If you mess up, just “undo last brush stroke.”  And when you’re done, click accept!

Cool, huh?
Oh wait, you don’t have Memory Manager from Creative Memories?  Visit and buy it from me!  You’ll have awesome pictures and I’ll love you!


  1. Aren't you just so clever, Katie! It looks great! :)

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    xo Erin

  3. Too funny! Love your tute - and I didn't believe you made him cut down that pole for one second : ) I've done similar with one of my photo editors too, fun and easy, huh? Amazing what you can create. I once made a pig smile with mine!

  4. Oh I smell a Creative Memories rep! And I see some CM paper on here too. LOVE IT! I used to be a rep. Can't wait to look around here some more!

    New follower in the house from Follow me Friday! Would love for you to return the favor. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  5. Awesome - probably never would've figured out how to do that on my own. Thanks for posting! Have a great weekend!

  6. Super cool. I LOVE, love, LOVE editing my photos... I use Photoshop, but the process is very similar :)

  7. No I don't have Memory Manager obviously - but I do have Photoshop and was going to see if I could use similar tools to do the same thing. :) If you think that barn is beautiful of Arethusa you should see the rest of the farm!!

  8. One of my friends LOVES her creative memories software. We have photoshop elements, though, so I can't see getting a new program yet. One day, though. :) Great job with the post. ;)

  9. Thanks for visiting me Katie :) I'm loving your blog...I shall follow, have a great weekend!!

  10. I do have Memory Manager... On my old computer. This reminds me to get it out and try to upload it on my laptop. Do you think CM will let me? I love exploring your blog!

  11. Following you back. I love the Memory Manager tutorial. I have not ventured to digital scrapbooking yet. I do love CM! Love scrapping, but haven't done it in a loooong time. Same excuse as everyone else, not enough time.

  12. YES. Amazing. It looks way better.
    And it's a good picture to begin with.

    PS I LOVE your profile picture. You are stunning. You are so pretty!

  13. Cool tutorial! It's weird that taking the pole out totally changes the picture! Thanks for sharing! :)

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  15. Happy Friday! You have a really great blog here!

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  16. Great tool! He's very handsome! I'd give him a goatee too! lol
    Thanks for the tips.