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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Turkey Tuesday

Last week in Annie’s Project, we used a super cool website that shows aerial images of Iowa (more up-to-date than Google Earth is for our rural area) and you can see my farm!  Here it is!



How cool is that?  The trees are surrounding Squaw Creek.  You can see both sets of “finishers” for the older turkeys, and the brooder house.


See the dark gray, square roof at the bottom of the photo?  That’s our house.  A the top of the photo is the brooder.  The two gray buildings in the middle are OLD turkey buildings.


Cool, huh?


  1. My husband loves google earth and is always showing me things on it, so great way to work it into your TT post. Also, I am glad to see their are large trees around your property as I'm sure these assist with acting as a wind break, and barrier for any odors, bugs and dust. You are not only a good producer but a good neighbor as well.

  2. That's cool! What website did you use? I'm looking for a satellite view to help me get the proportions right for our landscape plan. I live about 35 miles west of Cedar Rapids, by the way. Am I close enough to come to a crop? :) I love scrapbooking and have had great experiences with CM and their products.

  3. That is way cool, which website did you use?

    Thanks for the follow, I am returning it now!

  4. Very cool! My husband and I have loved your blog. He enjoys the turkey stuff and I love all your other fun posts. He always asked if you posted anything more about the turkeys. I guess you can't change those turkey farmer.

  5. Google earth is one of the coolest things online today. Thank you very much for the Happy Birthday wish!

  6. Google Earth is fun to use. Our oldest loved that she was looking at our house from up in the sky.

  7. Look at all that land!!! I couldn't even tell what that was at first because the only time I ever used google earth was for my old house in LA and that's nothing but rooftops...very little green.


    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner