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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weed Whackers

I know ya’ll pretended not to notice, but I need a weed whacker.  The one my hubby got me for $1 at a farm auction doesn’t work.  Surprise, surprise.

See?  (Or maybe I should forget about the weeds and save some $ for the siding instead…then I could put pretty plants around the house instead….but really, I’m just posting these pictures so you’ll feel sorry for me and comment.)



But I’m pretty sure if I don’t take care of the weeds soon, the neighbors are going to think I’m crazy.

Oh wait, they already think that because I’m outside taking pictures of my house (weeds) while they are cutting and baling my pasture.  And I decorated my front porch when roughly 1/4 of my house has no siding.  Whatev.


Anyway, any recommendations?  Lightweight would be really good since I’ll be doing the weed whacking. I’m thinking battery operated?

My neighbors will thank you!