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Friday, November 19, 2010

All’s Well that Ends Well?

My insurance crisis is over.  But apparently hubby had a turkey crisis today, too.  Some piece of machinery malfunctioned and there are several tons of feed in a mountain on the floor in one of the buildings.  He’s a little stressed about it because tomorrow he has to figure out how to clean it up and fix whatever it was that broke. (He’s not quite sure what happened because parts of the feed thingy are under the mountain of feed.)

Now, back to my insurance…

Last year, working full time, the school paid my entire premium.  This year, working 1/2 time, the school pays half.  I am responsible for the other half.

Last spring, they asked if I was planning to stay on school insurance and pay my half (about $300/month) or go onto different insurance.  Bart and Adam are both on private insurance, but after researching and finding out that my coverage would cost about the same either way, I decided to stay on the school’s plan for consistency.  But maybe I didn’t tell the school this?

Because they thought I was going off the school plan and canceled my insurance when my part time contract started in August.  So I was covered for August and September, but as of Oct. 1, I had no insurance, and I just found out today, after getting a $500 bill for my ultrasound and asking about it.

Happily, they were able to add me again, dating back to 10/1.  I didn’t notice that they weren’t deducting my premium because my paycheck went down so much anyway, and I foolishly didn’t look at it very closely, so I now owe 4 months of premium.  So that kind of stinks.  But it’s better than paying for a baby out of pocket!


Now, hopefully I’ll have a good update on the turkey feed mountain tomorrow.