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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Planning for the Living Room

I cleaned my living room today.  And I’m going to show you some pictures.  And ask you some questions.
This is what you see as you walk in from the dining room.  I used to have the screen door propped in the corner behind the chair but it’s busy being useful now.
So now, the corner seems a little empty.  Like maybe it needs a tall bookcase to fill it up?


Like maybe this one?

Or this?
baby nod
They are both about 6 feet tall.  Which do you like best?
Or, do you think a bookcase will make that wall too busy?  Maybe I need a piece of furniture with doors, so that I can shove all kinds of junk in there, but it will be less visually distracting.  I’m terrible at making these decisions, and I change my mind a lot.  Can you tell?
Across the room, this is our TV stand.  I have some plans here, too….I want to paint the bottom of the cabinet cream, and leave the top stained.  Normally, I don’t like to paint stained pieces, but this has so many scratches, I have to do SOMETHING, and I really want to lighten it up.
And then, I’m going to surround the off center TV with frames like Emily A. Clark did here.  I’m hoping it will also help hide the heat vent you can see at the top of the picture, too.

And, proof that a two year old lives here…


  1. A plant.
    Get a nice, pretty, tall plant and put that badboy back there. That'd be perfect.

    I love your house. It has all kinds of lovely charm :)

  2. I like the bookcase! You can put a variety of things inside it like pictures, scrapbooks, and BOOKS! If there are doors on the bottom, you could stash some toys inside! I would love to find a bookcase to add to my living space. Time and patience, right? OYE!

  3. If you use the book case it will balance the other side that has the shelves with things on them. I like the lighter of the 2 pieces you can always have basket the square one to store small thing size 15 by 15 organized stuff in each one. Good luck

  4. can't wait to see it all come to fruition! and i like the bookcase with the cabinet- it hink the cabinet will be more practical than the drawer.

  5. I vote for the first cabinet/book case.
    I like the doors down below for stashing "stuff".
    You might also think about a floor lamp.

  6. I like the bookcase idea; the second one is my favorite of the two. Have you tried Howard's Restor-a-Finish on the TV stand? Or a gel stain?

  7. I vote bookcase. :) And painting that cabinet... we're painting our dresser right now, and it's amazing the difference it's made already! (and I'm only halfway done)


  8. Bookcase, and use baskets on the two lower shelves for kiddie toys. All of our bookcases are half toyboxes because our children pull off all the books and put their toys there anyway. We were losing battle fast!

  9. I love the book case idea! I think I prefer the first one and agree that the doors in the bottom would be great for toddler toys and books. A book case will probably make the room feel a little more cozier and add a touch of library/study feel to the room. Have you considered putting a big piece of art there? Not sure if that would meet your tastes but a bright splash of color there might open up the room some.

  10. You could to a bookcase and use baskets that fit into the shelves on the bottom half to store toys? Or burp cloths and other nursing needs.

    I'm excited!

  11. Yes, a bookcase with baskets. Then move the lamp table to the other side of the couch and center the couch under the window.

  12. I love the bookcase and I love the baskets idea! I think I partial to bookcase with some doors but that may be just me...

  13. I think a bookcase might make the space feel smaller. Maybe one or two pieces of art work?? That's just my two cents.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the space.

  14. I think that maybe instead of a piece of furniture, you could just put a gallery wall and it would really balance out the room without making it look too heavy.

    Definitely paint the piece white!! It's a gorgeous piece. = )

  15. I think the tv cabinet will look fantastic with the painted bottom. I'm totally in awe of furniture painters. I sitll find it a bit scary!!


  16. I think either bookcase would be really nice and I also think the cabinet painted will look great. Thanks for your comments and suggestion on my living room! :)

  17. Your tv holder is similar to mine but mine is a wine rack... have you re-finished it yet??? I was thinking washed white or teal for mine... your floor looks like mine, trucks, tractors etc... :)


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