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Thursday, December 16, 2010

MIA: Didja miss me?

Well, I’m going to pretend like you did!

This week has been really busy. 

First, we got poults Sat. morning.  To see how we unload 20,000 poults in under an hour, in a snowstorm, go here.


Then, the blizzard really hit.  Not a lot snow, but LOTS of wind and blowing!


So we were stuck inside all weekend.  And instead of blogging, I spent a lot of time scrapbooking some Christmas presents.

Olthoff Christmas 10 - Page 001

Then, work and chiropractor appt. on Monday.

Kindermusik and mental health afternoon (watched TV and napped) followed by dinner at the in-laws on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I worked at school and in the turkey barn Wednesday night

And finally, today, I took Adam to daycare and then helped with chores in the barn. 

Which brings us to this afternoon, and some more digital scrapbooking, cleaning, and rearranging Adam’s room.

One of these days (soon!) I need to get a belly picture to post on here.  At 25 weeks, I’m obviously pregnant (even to strangers!)