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Saturday, January 29, 2011

He’s nesting…

Pregnant women are notorious for nesting.

But apparently the nesting bug has bitten my dad, too.

Earlier this month, he declared that he was going to finish the bathroom and third bedroom before Baby Brudder arrives at the end of March.  Those are the last two major rooms in our house to be renovated.


bathroom in September


unfinished bedroom

This declaration came after a two year break from our home’s renovations.

I think he’s feeling the rush because he feels sorry for his first-born Daddy’s girl, living in an unfinished house and hugely pregnant.

But he says he wants to get the rooms done because once the baby is here, he can’t bang around and make so much noise.  And that was also his excuse for not working on the house much since Adam was born.  He said, “Well, I would come over and work here for a couple hours every afternoon when I get off work, but Adam’s always sleeping then.”  (Right now, they’re both sleeping.  Dad got here right after I laid Adam down.  Adam’s snoozing up in his bed, and Dad is snoring on the couch.)


Yesterday, he worked for a few hours on the bathroom – installing the closet door and putting up some trim.  And because most of our tools are in the basement, he did 5 loads of laundry while he was here, too.


Two finished rooms and laundry done in the process?  He’s welcome to nest at my house anytime he wants!