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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspiration Station: Shopping Candy

Lately the phrase “urination station” has been going through my head a lot.  I can’t help it – I have to pee ALL THE TIME.  But this is different…the “Inspiration Station” is a new category of posts I’m going to start, which will feature some of my favorite home decor blogs.
I’ve been working non-stop on a digital scrapbooking project and my W2s, which both need to be finished by the end of the month.  Because of this, I’ve been slacking on my blog.  I have several posts started, but none finished.  I’m sorry.  I will be starting some more of my own home projects when I get the “January” stuff done.
But today, I thought I’d give you a little glimpse of one of my favorite blogs: 
Shopping Candy for my First Home
Jolie’s living room looks like it’s straight out of a magazine or catalog.

Her use of texture is PERFECT!
Look what she did with that little nook next to the fireplace for the winter!
I adore the butcher block counters in her kitchen.
And this laundry room – can you imagine?  It sure beats my yucky basement!
Look what she did with an unused coat closet.  I wish I had any coat closet, let alone an unused one. :)
Go show Jolie some love HERE!