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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Lists for Turkey Tuesday


We are headed to the Iowa Turkey Federation’s Winter Meeting today.  After the meetings, there is a Vegas themed banquet to attend tonight.  While packing for this little outing, I realized:

I do NOT own ANY Vegas-y jewelry.

Or Vegas-y shoes.  I got rid of my fancy heels this summer after realizing I hadn’t worn them in 5 years.

And Vegas-y clothes?  Fuggedaboutit.  Unless you count the tote full of dance costumes from high school that I can’t part with.


(That’s me, second from the left, several years and two babies ago.)

The last time I painted my toenails was before Isaac was born.  He was 8 months old yesterday.

I have two bottles of perfume.  I bought them my junior year of college.  They’re still half full.

We can’t check into our room until afternoon so I’m not sure where I’ll pump and/or store the milk until then.




This will be Bart’s first overnight away from the farm.  We will be an hour away, and gone for about 30 hours.  We will be leaving the turkeys in the capable hands of Josh, our FarmAssist (ant).  This was him, hard at work in August.  We are not leaving the boys with him, although he could probably handle it.



The success of this trip will determine whether we can ever venture farther from home.  So here is my list of directions for Josh and the turkeys.

Absolutely NO equipment malfunctions allowed.

NO feed problems allowed – the appropriate amount must arrive on time and may NOT clog the feed lines.

NO severe weather allowed – wind, electricity outages, snow.  Those things are not okay.

No overnight guests and no pay-per-view.

And finally, don’t lose the dog.


  1. Enjoy your trip! It looks like everything is in very capable hands! Girl, you pull out that outfit and you could be in the Vegas act!!! You are rocking it!

  2. It's never easy leaving the farm, even for just the day. But it's totally worth it to get away every once in awhile! Have fun and I hope nothing goes wrong for Josh!

  3. wow- have fun! and man you look phenomenal in that picture!

  4. Boy you sure looked good as a dancer!!!!! You know when you are gone things happen. But Josh looks like he can handle anything. If he can feed the baby.

  5. I hope you had a great trip and that you had no farm problems while you were gone.