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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Microwaving and Metaphors

Adam and I spent a couple hours yesterday doing some holiday baking microwaving.

We started with some microwave fudge.  This has been a holiday favorite of mine for several years, and couldn’t be easier!  I use the microwave version of this recipe: 

Then, we moved on to the microwave caramels, and Adam broke out some creative figurative language.  He exclaimed that the Karo syrup looked just like a magnifying glass, and then a few minutes later, chanted, “We’re packing down a sand castle, we’re packing down a sand castle” while we measured the brown sugar.

Microwave Caramels--literally mix ingredients and stir...wow!  I will have to try this.
Last but not least, we made some almond bark pretzels.  Our pretzels were Christmas tree shaped, and I had to laugh when Adam told me that “The trees are so pretty with their ice cubes on them!”  Yes, Adam, the salt does look like mini ice cubes!


When all the yummies were done, we had a Christmas celebration for my mom’s family.  It was a great night!


Merry Microwaving and Happy Holidays!