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Monday, March 19, 2012

Decorate with Color, but Without a Color Scheme

I’ve noticed a trend lately in the blogosphere, and I love it.There have been all kinds of beautiful, sophisticated rooms full of different colors!
I admit, for the past few years, I’ve stuck so rigidly to certain color schemes, it would bother me if the family photos I displayed weren’t in that color scheme.  I hid away photo albums and scrapbooks if they didn’t fit the scheme.  The Iowa State throws and light blue baby blankets didn’t match the living room – Get ‘em outta there!

But now, I’m turning over a new leaf.  In my dining room, I decided to decorate with color, but WITHOUT a set color scheme.

img_5874It has been so freeing. 
I can put my favorite books on the shelves, I can display my favorite family photos, and I don’t have to stress about everything “matching.”

Here are some other beautiful, colorful-without-a-color-scheme rooms I’ve spotted lately.
Emily A. Clark’s home office is the perfect example of this.

And this dining room, recently featured on Young House Love.

The keys to doing this successfully:
1.  Start with a very neutral background.  White, tan and gray are very popular, but other colors, like yellow or light blue will work, too.

2.  Give the eye a place to rest. Blocks of color keep things a bit less hectic.  My white dishes help balance the colorful fruit and storage boxes.

3.  Disperse a kazillion different colors throughout the room.  How simple is that?

What do you think?  Do you love this colorful trend?

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