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Monday, March 12, 2012

Tulips in the Toolbox: How to

Since you all loved my tulips in the toolbox from this post, I thought I’d write a little “how-to” and update you on their progress!

I had two packages of tulips that just never got planted last fall.  So, I threw them in the basement.  And lucky for me, they sprouted down there!  I accidentally “forced” bulbs!  I’m so proud of myself!
Tulips in the Toolbox
When I discovered them with their little “horns” (as Adam calls them) I decided to plant them inside the house.  And naturally, a toolbox came to mind as the perfect place for them.

To begin, I sprayed the inside of the toolbox with some clear sealant.  I don’t have a picture of this process because I did it long ago, when I first bought the toolbox.  I like spraying rusty containers with a clear acrylic because it helps keep the rust on there, and helps prevent further rust.
Then, I lined the bottom with press n seal.  I’m pretty sure the toolbox is waterproof, but I didn’t want to take any chances.
how to plant tulips in a toolbox

Next, the containers.  I used my drill to put holes in the bottom of two ice cream buckets.  They fit in the toolbox perfectly.

drainage holes in ice cream bucket for plants
Ignore the level.  It was for another project.
ice cream buckets in tool box for planting

Finally, planting.  When you plan bulbs outside, they have to be several inches deep.  But some googling told me that when they are inside, they can be right at the surface.  So, Adam helped me plant the bulbs with just their “horns” sticking out.  We did it in our nasty, yucky, old bathtub.

planting tulips 
 forcing tulips
This was pre-googling, when they were several inches deep.
We covered the dirt and ice cream buckets with moss and waited for the magic to begin.
February 21st  We must have planted the right side a bit lower, because it has been behind the left side all along.
Tulips in a Toolbox
February 27

Tulips in a toolbox
March 5
Tulips in a Toolbox
March 10

Still lopsided, but also quite lovely, even with a firehat in the vignette.  (It is, afterall, our dining/PLAY room!)

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