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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Taste of Home Cooking School with Common Ground

This morning I’m in a hotel room in Clinton, IA, after spending my yesterday afternoon and evening at the Taste of Home Cooking School as a volunteer for Common Ground.
Common Ground is a volunteer organization made up of farm women from around the country.  We use social media and live events to provide factual information about farming and food to consumers who do not have a link to the farm.
Last night, I really perfected my little “speech” about our organization and farm, and got asked lot more questions than ever before.  Some of the questions I was asked about our farm:
1.  Are the turkeys happy?
2.  Can they walk?  Or do you pump them so full of feed that they just sit there?
3.  If they were outside in the rain, would they look up and then drown?
4.  Why are your turkeys white instead of brown?
5.  Do you inject them with grease to make them taste better?
6.  Do you know the family from Wayland, IA, whose farm was hit by the tornado last week?

They were great questions, and I’ll address some of them when I’m not so tired, but right now I wanted to share a short video that shows how we set up our booth at the Ft. Dodge show…

….and a 2nd video featuring Emily Lynch, volunteer and farmer from Humboldt, IA. Emily talks about why she wanted to be a Common Ground volunteer.

Do you have any questions for me, or Emily, or any of our other Common Ground volunteers?  Please, please, please feel free to ask!