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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby Turkey Day By the Numbers

20,000 poults (baby turkeys)

2,000 crates of 100 birds


6500+ drinkers

414 feeders


256 supplemental feeders for the first two weeks

192 supplemental drinkers for the first two weeks


86 degrees farenheit inside the barn

32 heaters

32 cardboard rings to keep the turkeys close to the heaters for the first two weeks

4 inches wood shavings


4 adults on the crew (Bart, me, Josh the Farm Assistant and neighbor Wes)

IMG_8838-5041(rev 0)

2 pint sized helpers (Adam, 5)


(Isaac, 3)



One Family Farm


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  1. Neat! How often do you get a new shipment of turkeys? You may have mentioned it before, but I've maybe forgotten. Good luck with your "crop"!

    1. Every 9 weeks, like clockwork! At 5 weeks old, these will move to the finishers and we'll get ready for another flock!