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Friday, April 23, 2010

And a quickie…

…spray paint project, that is.  Get your head out of the gutter.
This sat on my parents’ counter when I was growing up.  We kept silverware and napkins in it.  But Mom actually put the silverware in a drawer a couple years ago and this has been hanging out collecting dust in my closet since I rescued it from her house.
I have a shortage of drawer space, so I turned it into this:
img_1170 Two coats of primer, two coats of black, and I love it!
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  1. Oooohhh! I am so jealous! Love Love Love!

  2. Thou shalt not covet! Thou shalt not covet! I've been looking for one of those. I LOOOOOOVE IT! GORGEOUS! I'm so jealous!

  3. Spray paint is amazing. Great makeover!

  4. I love it!!! I wish I could find something like that!

  5. Love your makeover. It looks great. Thanks so much for the Live Writer tip, I tried it and love it. What a difference!

  6. This is a great caddy. So neat that you can use something of your moms.

  7. I'm lovin' it too...the power of's soooo awesome!


  8. Looks great! I love what one little can of spray paint can do!

  9. What a transformation. I always love anything that helps with organization & it looks GREAT black. Thanks for linkin' up at the POPP.

  10. amazing what a little paint will do, and it is from your Momma's it has special meaning, not just practicality!

  11. Fantastic transformation - Looks fabulous black. Love the meaning behind it too - it makes it that more special! Hope you have a great weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  12. LOVE! I have a few things i need to paint but i'm scared... do you rough it up first or just cake on the primer?? My wine rack/ tv component thingy needs a farmey make over but I'm afriad to pull the trigger! Any advice for antiquing?

  13. Oh my goodness - I just recently transformed one of these too! They're great - just tote it to the table! Great job!