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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Abba’s Dictionary

I decided I should really document some of my little guy’s speech. Lately, he has been saying several new words a day and putting together 3 and 4 word sentences like a pro.

Abba = Adam

I wike pay bah. = I like to play ball.  Adam’s first 4 word sentence on Tuesday, May 18, 2010.

ipay = airplane

tah-tah = tractor

too-too tah-tah = look for tractor

shlurtle = turkey

Iiiii = I want to do it

Tay-Tay = Tanner, his best friend

Yeeya = Aliyah, his other best friend

boobul = Bugels, the snack

Dah = Chad, his babysitter’s husband

moo = cow

eee-hee = horse

Bompa = grandpa

dat-un = that one, Grandma and Claire (from daycare)

tane = train

she = cheese, shoe

shy = sunshine

noke = milk

peet noke = pink milk (strawberry Carnation Instant Breakfast)

nuloh = noodles

sauce = applesauce

nie = more

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  1. Hi Katie! My 'baby' is turning 21 this week - time really flies!! I wish I had a log of his developing speech. Great idea!
    Thanks for stopping by today : )