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Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Mother

‘s Day project. :)

What do you give a mom who adopted six siblings ages 2 through 10?  Who, in the three years they’ve been with her, has taught them to be responsible, caring children?  A woman who spends her days, evenings, and weekends running her 7 children to sports, piano lessons, doctors appointments, church and 4-H?  What does she get for Mother’s Day?

Not nearly enough. :)


I am lucky enough to know such a woman, and I have taught her oldest 4 children.  And they are all. great. kids.  I love each of them.

The couple had a son, and I’m not sure why, but decided they wanted to adopt more children.  According to them, they waited years, hoping to find a sibling set of 2 or 3.  And then along came the SIX they ended up adopting.  Four girls and the youngest two are boys.  The two oldest (the biological boy and an adopted girl) were in my class the year the children joined the family, and I’ve had at least one of them as a student ever since.  I am amazed at the transformation these children have gone through.

dscn0193Aaliyah, the oldest girl, is  my “mentee.”  The parents requested that the children have mentors to help ease their transition, and I got to be Aaliyah’s her second (and now third) year here.  She has adjusted extremely well, going from a shy, anxious, insecure 4th grader, to a confident, popular, straight A student body president.  I am so proud of her.

Aaliyah spent a lot of time caring for her younger siblings before she was adopted.  It is my job to have some one-on-one time with her, without anyone for her to take care of, where she can do things that interest her.  She loves sports, but I’m afraid of balls.  Luckily, she is also VERY active in 4-H, and loves to craft. :)

dscn0432So this year, we had big plans, but Aaliyah is a very busy girl, and between student council, band, softball, and piano, we had a hard time finding time to work together!  After creating for a few minutes here and there for a couple of weeks, we finally made these:



We followed the paper flower tutorial HERE and it was VERY easy, even for a 6th grader.  Adept with a glue gun, Aaliyah used it to secure her flowers, and then glue a magnet to the back.  I hope her mom loves them and truly knows how much Aaliyah loves her.

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  1. never mind the flowers
    your story about the sixlet makes me almost cry.
    that's so sweet and good for you, you're the mentor.
    what a lovely thing to witness!

  2. They look GREAT! I'm glad you were able to do something fun. Love the blog BTW!