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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elvis has left the bathroom...

So I’m kind of an Elvis fan.  It’s a long story, but I used to be a back-up dancer for an Elvis Impersonator Tribute Artist.
I bought this garbage can when we were in Memphis in 2002 for Elvis week.  And I’ve been using it in my bathroom ever since.  It was kind of cool then, because I was a college student, and had blue striped bedding. 
But now, not so cool.  In fact, pretty gross.
The inside had rusted, so I sprayed it with rusty metal primer.  Then painted the whole shebang, inside and outside, black.
I wanted it to look like old enamelware, so I rubbed some candle wax in a few places before spraying it white, hoping that the white wouldn’t stick to the candle wax, and some of the black would show through.  WRONG!  Oh well, I still think it’s 100x better than before!

Thank you, thank you very much.

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  1. Great job! Poor Elvis is really gone now...

  2. Very nice! Way to find a "new look" for Elvis.

  3. Great site! Found you from Beyer Beware and Goodeness Gracious...we're in a blogging session talking alot about you!

  4. Looks much better than before is what they would say. Thanks for coming by.

  5. Ha ha... Elvis has left the bathroom!

    Thanks for helping me get my bloggy-issues worked out. I left you something on my blog! (well, it'll be there in a few minutes!)

  6. Aww poor Elvis! I still have all of my Elvis posters & memorabilia - can't seem to get rid of em - but can't say I ever had a trash can. My fav coffee mug is from Graceland when I was 6 - its a little beat up now - got any tips for that one?

  7. Thanks for stopping by today, Katie! I love your trash can red-do. I'm always amazed at what a little spray paint can do!! :)

  8. Love the Elvis Impersonator backup dancer fun fact! Did you get to wear a jumpsuit too???

  9. It looks much cleaner now but you've sent Elvis away. ;0( He was a good looking guy in his prime and that's a fact! Back up dancer? How fun! What a diverse group all of us blog ladies are! And once again, spray paint saves the day. Have you tried a bit of subtle sandpaper action to bring out the under painting?

  10. I agree with Ann; try a bit of sandpaper to have the black come through. Great improvement though! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That bicycle will be ridden and ridden well! :)

  11. There is nothing like a good coat of paint to update an item. This brought back memories. My sister loved Elvis and used to have a huge poster in our bedroom. She took it down when her boyfriend got jealous. LOL! How can anyone be jealous of a dead guy?

  12. Ah! It's the little things that make a bathroom so personal,huh? I like the simplicity of the 'new' old waste bucket.

  13. Oh I'm sorry to see Elvis go - though I don't blame you. Your trash can turned out super cute. Love it!
    It's nice to meet another Elvis fan - I would loooove to hear about your days as a back-up dancer. I bet you have some pretty amazing stories.