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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Lilacs and Apple Blossoms,

I love you.  But why are you so hard to arrange in a vase?
img_1449   img_1455  img_1458  img_1463 img_1475 

Linked to Bloomin Tuesday at Ms.Green"thumb"Jean


  1. thanks for stopping by a little lovely! I love your burlap wreath by the way!! i've seen that once before and i'll def be making one of those!

  2. Thank you so much, Katie! I love the blogging, but I kind of start to get overwhelmed when I realize just what exactly is on my to-make list! I'm glad you understand.
    And I completely understand about trying to arrange flowers and branches! One of my biggest (ok, tiny in perspective, but whatever) regrets is not taking the flower arranging class in college! Ah, hindsight. :)

  3. Those are lovely blooms!! Thanks for the link and also for the visit. :)

  4. Lilacs and apple blossoms -- could anything be more beautiful?

  5. Lovely blooms! THey probably smell up your whole house! Thanks for sharing, Paula from Idaho

  6. Just beautiful! What a perfect pairing. They look wonderful no matter how they are arranged. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! It's nice to meet you. Jean

  7. Oh, I love your comment about arranging. I have spent lots of time trying to arrange naturally occurring plants from the yard into beautiful arrangements to photo. It has taken me years to get results I like.

  8. What a pretty arrangement. I love the scent of Lilacs.