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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Watercolors with a Toddler

I wanted to try watercolors with Adam, but I was afraid he’d ruin them immediately by mixing the colors.  So, I came up with this super clever way to avoid that!

1.  Buy the cheap, Roseart water colors.

2.  Cut them apart.  I cut out a blue/green color family and gave him those.

3.  Let him paint on cardstock, and try to keep him from drinking the water.

img_2092 img_2103

It was his first watercolor experience and I think it was a hit!



  1. that's adorable! And he didn't lick anything???? (sorry had to tease) He is a cutie!!!

  2. Very cute blog! He is so cute!
    Come follow me too :)

  3. Cute! What a great idea... cutting the colors apart. This grandma will definitely be stealing that idea!