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Monday, June 6, 2011

Miscellany Monday

It’s not too late in the day to post this, right?

1.  Getting two children fed, bathed, dressed and out of the house should be an Olympic sport.  And I would NOT win a medal.

2.  We had a great playdate this morning.  While the kids played, we worked on our Father’s Day gifts.  But they’re still a secret, at least until I “unsubscribe” my husband’s email from my blog. :)  Here are the two sweet girls we played with:

  img_8058  img_8166

And my boys:


3.  Adam is really great at recognizing when OTHER kids are not sharing, but not so good at recognizing it in himself.  Apparently almost-3-year-olds have trouble sharing.

4.  It’s really hot.  This means 2 things:

1.  I sweat.  A LOT.

2.  Hubby is stressed because of our turkeys.  Remember this post from last summer?  Yeah.  He’s trying desperately to avoid that again.  He installed more misters in the barns, and he is spraying water from a tank directly on the turkeys to cool them off.  Tomorrow is supposed to be just as bad.  Sigh.

5.  I am pretty good with a palm sander, drill, and jigsaw.  Next, I will conquer the compound miter saw and nail gun.  I can’t wait!


Happy Miscellany Monday!

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  1. Cute girls, cute boys!
    I LOVE POWER TOOLS - You go girl!
    Hope the turkeys don't roast - sorry couldn't resist but in all seriousness I know it can be bad, have lost barn fulls of hogs before because of heat - so good luck!

  2. Oh aren't those girls precious! I can't help but be especially partial to the first one! ;) We had fun today too! Thanks again for taking the pics! They turned out great!

  3. haha don't worry! I sweat a LOT too!!!


  4. ACK! The heat is supposed to be very nasty this week here too. Lordy! I am teaching song and dance/motions at VBS this week in the UN-Air Conditioned gym! Maybe I will sweat off a few pounds. Praying for the turkeys! I know the stress of livestock can get crazy. For us it is more of a winter thing. Hugs and good luck!

  5. What precious babies you have! They are so cute!

    Hoping tomorrow's not too terribly hot for ya!


  6. Adorable pictures! It broke 100 degrees here today. I know you're a few hours away, but it's supposed to be much cooler here from the end of this week through next week. I hope that's how it goes up there, too!

  7. Those are some sweet faces!

  8. If you can master all those power tools, you'll soon master getting 2 kids ready.
    Hope the turkeys are OK.

  9. I"m so curious to see what you're making!