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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jesus and Germs (and turkeys and prevention)

Wash your hands, cover your cough…Anyone who spends time around children repeats it endlessly this time of year.  Some of us even get to exclaim phrases like, “Don’t lick the cart!”  We don’t want our kids to get sick, and we don’t want to get sick.

Wash Your Hands and Say Your Prayers Free Printable

We don’t want our turkeys to get sick, either.  So we take precautionary measures to keep our birds healthy.  Although we know that antibiotics are necessary at times, we try to avoid using them whenever possible.  So, what is the turkey version of wash your hands and cover your cough?

Father and son farming

1.  Our turkeys are given a probiotic as soon as they hatch.  The probiotics help regulate their finicky digestive system. 
2.  Turkeys are also vaccinated for various common ailments.  Just as we vaccinate our children, turkey vaccines help prevent disease outbreaks.
3.  We keep germs out of the barns. We limit visitors, wear clean clothing and boots in the barns, and shower before entering the brooder house. 
4.  We try to minimize any stress on the birds.  I tend to get sick following a particularly stressful period and turkeys are no different.  A very stable environment, with little temperature fluctuations and 24-hour access to food and water keeps the birds comfortable and less susceptible to illness. 
If those measures fail, we are thankful that we have antibiotics to use, but our main focus is always on preventing disease in the first place.
Now, back to the pretty sign I made…you can download a PDF to print by clicking on one of the images below. Enjoy!

Wash your hands - gray Wash your hands and say your prayers

Germs and Jesus Free PrintableFree Printable - Wash Your Hands and Say Your PrayersGerms and Jesus - Free Printable

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  1. Love the sign! I may have to print one!!!

  2. Great post Katie! I'm going to Pin your sign!

  3. I love this!
    Do you have just the black & white image?

    1. You want black text and white background? I can make one!

    2. That would be awesome! Want to print this on burlap.

    3. Here you go! Let me know if the link doesn't work!

    4. PERFECT! Thank you!
      One is going in my house & one is going in my son's class at school.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I've been looking for one I can frame rather than a large canvas print. Love it!


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