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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Farmhouse Mudroom: Before (and a sneak peek)

It’s been a long time coming – almost 5 years – but our entryway/mudroom is almost done!
We use this area as our main entrance to the house, for us and guests.  It is also where hubby changes in/out of his chore clothes for working on the farm.  My goal is simple.  I wanted the entryway to be a beautiful place where I could set down everything in my arms where it belongs, when I walk in the door.  That means there had to be room for all coats, bags, shoes, and maybe even another infant carseat someday.
But it just wasn’t working for us.  These before pictures tell the story…low ceilings (like, Bart-hit-his-head-several-times-low), dark and gloomy, no heat, and the lack of useable storage.
Farmhouse Mudroom Before Makeover
Although we’ve done most of the work on our house ourselves, we decided to hire a contractor for this job.  We had to gut the space to insulate and rewire it.  Demolition revealed problems with the roof joists, and so, a new roof was put on.  But not before we raised the ceiling two feet.  Nine foot ceiling, yahoo!
Mudroom Remodel

There was a closet on the opposite side, but we took it out because it really wasn’t very functional, and really closed in the space.  We made the knee wall 4 1/2 feet tall so that if we put a chair in the little nook, there would still be a tall enough wall to keep my kids from plummeting to the concrete stairs on the other side.  I am going to line this area with coat hooks after I get it painted.
A heat run was added, which has made it much easier to put shoes, coats and bags in the entryway during the winter.  Not to mention, Bart doesn’t have to put cold clothes on before he goes out to work (although he’s since started changing the basement, anyway.)

The paneling and trim are from Lowes, and our contractor installed them.  Mudroom RemodelAnd now, I sooo wish I was ready for a big reveal, but I said I’d paint it myself, but I’m regretting that. Nine-foot ceiling + stairwell = really, really high. Not to mention all the trim work means LOTS of cutting in. And I’m a pretty rotten cutter-inner anyway. So, I’m taking a break, and then will tackle it again when I’ve recovered a bit. :)
So, all you get for now is a little sneak peek.  I have a babysitter coming tomorrow and I might get some more painting done, but no promises.  For now, we’ve made it semi-functional and we’re loving it!  What do you think?
kitchen scale
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  1. I want you to come decorate my house!!!!

  2. Love your mudroom!!

    Hope you are doing great!

  3. It's looking great! I bet you're glad the end is in sight.

  4. Oh!!! I can't wait!!! That looks so good!!

  5. so bright and functional. love what you've done. did you create the "prayers go up" print? can I find it here or somewhere else?

    1. Hi Gena Rae,

      I actually bought that print from our local hospital's gift shop! I love it!

  6. Oh girl! I know you are loving it! These old Iowa houses and their weirdly cramped entrance areas! I've got one on the west side and have no clue what to do with it! And compounded by how narrow it is, is the fact that it's where the floor opens up to the basement. Ugh. Just your little sneak peek makes me look at that space for the 1000th time and ask, "What in the world can I do with that?!" Can't wait to see the whole reveal!

  7. Ahhh! That's awesome! I always wanted a mudroom. Can't wait to see more!!!

  8. Looking great there! I'm a new follower. Please come by for a visit!

  9. That's a big project I'm sure it's so nice to be in the home stretch ;) Lovin the red can't wait to see the reveal, following along!

  10. Just found your blog today and I love it! New follower :)

  11. Oh that's gorgeous! is it finished? if so please link me :)

    1. It is finished, but I haven't photographed it yet! I'll put that on my to-do list (in May, when the snowpants, snowboots and coveralls are all stowed away for sprint!)


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