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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 12 Posts of 2012

Can it seriously be 2013 already?  Time has been flying by lately, so although I had good intentions, I’m a little late with my Top 12.  But here they are anyway - the top posts from the last 12 months!  I based the list on page views, with the most viewed post at #1.  
12. Antibiotics and Farm Animals: My Fears Put to Rest...  I’m kind of disappointed that more of my farm related posts didn’t make the top 12, but I’m glad you all read this one.  There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and hopefully I can clear up some things for you.old rusty "prevent disease" sign
11. Our Multipurpose Dining Room  So y’all love my dining room?  I loved it like this, too.  Then, it got demolished (like, literally) when we had a wall removed, and it’s not quite back together yet.  I moved those bookcases upstairs to Adam’s room and am on the hunt for a new set with a bit more character.  Matching bookcases are hard to find, though!
bookcases for toy storage
10. Storage Solution: Clean Laundry Closet  This still works wonderfully for me, although I’ve been told that I’m “weird” because I don’t fold my laundry.  That’s weird?  That’s just the tip of the iceberg. :)
clean laundry baskets
9.  Knock Off Pouf Ah yes, my feet are resting on this beautiful leather “pouf” as I type.  It’s still hanging in there, looking as good as the day I spray painted it.  And I’ve seen a couple similar ones at resale shops recently.  So go, make yo’self a pouf!

knock off pouf with turquoise chairs 8.  10 Indoor Activities using Household Items – I should re-read this post from time to time.  Thank goodness school started again today!  We were getting bored around here!
10 Indoor Activities Using Household Items
7.  The Boys’ Shared Room I have no clue why you all loved this post so much.  You should know, though, that they are no longer sharing a room and this room may undergo some changes soon!  I’ll keep you updated!
little boy bedroom
6.  Taking a Risk with Turquoise  Still loving these chairs!  Got a great picture of my friends’ husbands sitting in them at New Year’s.  They looked really tough and manly in my vintage turquoise wingbacks. :)
turquoise chairs
5.  Vintage Primary Nursery Mood Board Oh, Baby Hayden, I miss you.  Hayden is my friend from work’s baby.  And since I don’t work anymore, and my friend lives the opposite direction from work than I do, I haven’t seen Hayden, or his sister, or his momma in several months.  It’s still a cute nursery design, though!
Vintage Nursery Moodboard
4.  Tulips in the Toolbox: How to  It’s time to plant your tulips!  Do it now!
Tulips in a Toolbox
3.  A Child Friendly Family Room  I can totally see why this guest post from Crystal at The Weekend Homemaker was a top post.  Who wouldn’t love this sweet room?!?!?
Kid Friendly Family Room
2.  Ground Turkey Tuesday: 10 ways to use it!  Mmm, yummm, ground turkey.
10 Ground Turkey Recipes

1.  Love Your Little House: Smart Furniture  I’m sure that this post was number 1 because of all the other pretty eye candy I included.  So head on over and check it out!
Multipurpose Furniture
Add caption

So…which post was your favorite?  If I based this list on comments, instead of page views, it would probably be quite different, but apparently the interweb loves my home d├ęcor posts.  So this year, I guess I’ll give the people what they want!  With some major house projects wrapping up, that shouldn’t be too hard.


  1. Great collection of your hard work, Katie! I was surprised what made my top 12 too. Best wishes for 2013!

  2. All wonderful! I absolutely hate folding laundry. I often leave it in the dryer until my husband pulls it out and folds it!


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