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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Best Way to Serve Oranges to Kids

I wrote a really philosophical, deep post about blogging, and then cut up an orange for my two year old and decided to blog about that instead.

Isaac is not a great chew-er, and giving him a traditionally peeled orange segment can be a problem.  He doesn’t chew it all the way, it slides partway down his throat, and he gags it back up.  To accommodate, I’ve started serving oranges like this, instead, which is quick, easy, and does not require peeling.


oranges for kids


Step 1: Break out a John Deere cutting board, because that’s the way we do things at the Creek

Step 2: Slice orange like this.


Step 3: Stack slices and cut stack in half.

IMG_6824-3357(rev 0)

Step 4: “Open” the slices.

IMG_6825-3358(rev 0)

Step 5: Remind your child not to eat the peels, and serve.


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