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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Know it All



Adam, 5 (and a half) years old

“Mom, part of the lake isn’t frozen anymore, and the water is brown underneath.  Water is brown unless it’s drinking water.  They make it blue on movies but it’s really mostly brown.  But there is water everywhere.  Like, I mean everywhere around us.  It’s, like, all over the earth.  Mostly in the oceans, but it’s also underground.  Mom, do you think there’s water under you right now?  There is.  But it’s way, way, way, way underground.  There’s also jewels underground.  If you dig really deep you’ll find hard rocks and jewels.  And the center of the earth.  It’s the hottest part of the earth, but it’s not as hot as the sun.  The sun is the hottest thing in the whole world.  Did you know that the planet furthest from the sun is the coldest?  And do you know that on the other side of the earth it’s dark right now?

I really know a lot, don’t I?  I think I pretty much know everything.”

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