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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Worth every penny…

“Feed is money.”

And that’s Isaac, “feeding” the baby turkeys.

For most of the turkeys’ lives, they have free run of the barn.  But at the beginning we use these cardboard rings to keep them close to the heat and close to their food. 

There are automated feeders, but we use “supplemental feeders” at the beginning to make sure they get enough.  When we go out to work in the barns, the boys like to help fill these feeders, and we have a special wheelbarrow and scoop for them to use.

These are the moments that are the most special to our family.  These are the moments we’ll look back on and miss someday.  And these are the moments that teach our boys the most valuable lessons of their lives.

So a little wasted feed? Totally worth every penny.

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