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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Little Orphan Lambie

Today was an exciting day!  We got our first lamb!


We’ve been talking about getting a lamb for over a year and a half, and today, a farmer nearby called and said he had one ready for us.


This baby girl was born last night, but for some reason, her mother rejected her.


She needs to eat every 4 hours for the next couple of weeks, so that means we’ll be putting in some quality time with her, day AND night.


The boys are SO excited.  After much deliberation, they decided to name her Bailey.


Adam’s only question was whether or not one of us would accompany him out to the shop to feed her in the night. We assured him that we would.


Since this week is spring break, it’s the perfect time to get to know our little orphan lambie!



  1. Oh my gosh, Katie! That is SOOOOOO cute!
    Best wishes with Miss Bailey. It looks like she will be very loved. There will be lots of good times in the barn.
    I'm sure the boys will both learn a lot from this project. However, you do realize that you just became shepherds...forever...right?

    1. no, no! Not forever! Only until the boys are big enough for calves, then we'll become ranchers! (Or cowboys?)

  2. I'm having a squee moment over here. Great photos of the family and that little lamb.

    1. Thanks Jeni! I'm absolutely positive we're in over our heads, but it will be a good experience!

  3. so precious! love it!!! I was about that old when a mommy didn't want her calf there's pictures of me sleeping with it and feeding it with a huge bottle I loved sunny (it felt like I had her forever but we were able to get the mommy to take her back within the week I think which of course was the ultimate goal it made me sad but was such a good lesson in the long run) glad these guys get to keep the lamb though! I love that it's black to lol! perfect timing for Easter!

    1. Supposedly, it's going to turn white? I don't know for sure, but I thought the black was awfully cute (but hard to photograph!)

  4. Baa Baa Black Sheep! I hope you have that rhyme in a book somewhere. What a cutie! I want to come help feed her! It's probably a bit too far. :)

  5. Great pictures!! Have fun with that cute little lamb!!

  6. What a cute little lambie with your cute boys!!