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Friday, April 18, 2014

Thrift Fix: Tips for Shopping Second Hand

Thrift store shopping is part luck, part skill.

So for those of you who said you never find anything good, maybe you have bad luck?

Or maybe you need some new skillz. :)


Tips for Shopping Second Hand:

1.  Go without your kids.

2.  Don't try to look at every item in the store.  Focus on what you need. 

3.  Go with a friend, who is NOT your size. :)  That way, you can split up the store and shop for each other.

4.  If your weight fluctuates, only buy things that are in-season and fit you perfectly at the time.   One of the dangers of thrift store shopping is that you will end up with too many clothes (guilty as charged.)  Buying things that are in-season and fit you well will keep you from coming home with a bunch of stuff you might never wear.


My friend Rachel, from Joyfully Weary, also submitted some tips.

1 - think in colors - a lot of thrift stores are organized by color so figure out the ones that look good on you and will blend in with your wardrobe and then only look in those sections

2 - don't forget accessories - belts and scarfs are pretty easy to find at thrift stores

3 - avoid casual shirts and athletic wear - these are items that usually get the most wear in someone's closets so it's hard to find items that are "good as new" 

4 - research your stores - do they mark down items have discount days, when do they put out new merchandise, etc. 

5 - don't feel like you have to look at every piece. When looking for jeans I'll closely inspect the racks other than that I graze racks with my fingers and eyes only pulling out pieces that stand out to me in some way.  I know hard core thrifters would probably say take the time to dig because you never know what you'll find but my time is too limited. 

6 - be okay with walking out empty handed


(Speaking of new skillz – I need to perfect my outfit photography – my cell phone pictures are terrible!  WHY????)



I wore this to give a presentation at an ag conference in Florida.
Jacket: Target, Dress: Calico Corners via Goodwill, Shoes: Bandolino via TJMaxx



I wore this the next day of the conference, and to fly home in.

Floral shirt: Target (old), Tank: Target, Pants: Banana Republic via Goodwill, Shoes: Payless, Plaid Bag: Faux Burberry via Goodwill, Laptop Bag: 31 Bags Bracelet: DISNEY!

Now, some of Rachel’s adorable outfits featuring thrifty finds!

cowl: gift/diy (similar $55), shirt: old, belt: thrift, skirt: thrift (similar $110),
shoes: dsw (similar $37)

fur collar: gift (similar $32) sweater: old navy (similar $29), skirt: thrift,
shoes: dsw (similar $37)

coat: thrift (similar), sweater: thrift, skirt: anthropologie, boots: same

Happy Thrifting!


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  1. She is SO cute. And I love, love, love your red pants!