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Monday, June 23, 2014

Junkin’ in June: The Central Iowa Junk Jaunt


I know not all of my readers are local, but this weekend (June 27-29) is the perfect time to visit Central Iowa!

Junkin’ in June, the event that started it all, is always the last weekend in June, and my junky business, The HomeShed, will be a part of the action again this year!

I still have a ton of work to do to get ready for this sale – I’ve been pickin’ like a mad-woman and have a ton of new stuff to clean, mark and display – so no new pictures yet, but these pictures are from our last sale and give you an idea of the types of junk we sell!

2014-05-29 10.52.362014-05-30 10.21.302014-05-28 16.32.322014-06-20 17.41.402014-05-28 16.32.552014-05-28 16.33.32-12014-05-28 16.33.472014-05-29 16.24.222014-05-29 16.31.022014-05-29 16.30.11-12014-05-29 16.31.442014-05-29 16.32.332014-05-29 16.32.482014-05-30 08.24.432014-05-30 08.24.512014-05-30 10.20.352014-05-30 10.20.432014-05-30 10.21.06

Junk not your style? The HomeShed is located at Red Granite Farm, and in addition to fresh produce, Nicole just ordered hundreds of new perennials!  Of course, I’ve already nabbed a few for my yard, but there are some left for you, too. (This persicaria is going in front of my kitchen window! Can’t wait!)

So come on out and see us – we love to see our old friends and meet new ones on these big sale weekends!

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  1. This looks like so much fun - lots of treasures! Definitely going to have to plan trip to Iowa next June.


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