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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good Things from the Goodwill

thrift fix outfitsI feel kind of weird about doing a whole blog post of pictures of myself.  It’s sort of like proclaiming, “I think I’m pretty cute and fashionable.”
So I’ve been hesitant to write this post.  I’ve been collecting pictures, though, because I think there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here:

The Goodwill can look GOOD!

Maybe not “good” like New-York-Fashion-Week-Good, but definitely Mom-Good, right?

Take this outfit, for example… Express jeans and a Gap striped tee from the Goodwill, under a hoodie from (gasp!) Walmart.

2014_12_03_18_41_25(rev 0)

And this outfit: a $2 Roxy sweater from Chinatown (more about that another time) and striped Maurices top from GW.  David Kahn jeans, thrifted.

2014-12-05 15_08_14

Third: a Goodwill pencil skirt I wore for the Iowa Turkey Federation banquet.  (Let me be very clear in saying that I would NOT normally wear white tights, but the theme was “white out” and they seemed appropriate for that night.)

2014-12-10 16_25_21

“But I never find anything good!”  I hear this all the time from my friends when I tell them about my Goodwill shopping.  Maybe I’ve just got a knack for it, or maybe practice makes perfect, but I always find a few things to try on and usually one or two to take home.  Here are some pics from a recent shopping trip.

Merona top, my scarf, jeans and boots.  (I bought the top.)

2014-11-21 10_07_51

Brown tunic with gold embellishments.  I loved this, but it was a bit too big.  (Sorry for the blurry pics. I’m terrible at selfies!)

2014-11-21 10_09_21

Loft dress – This was a size too big, too, and had a security tag on it. Doh!

2014_11_21_10_13_57(rev 0)2014_11_21_10_14_20(rev 0)

Brown cotton dress with embellishments – so cute, but a bit too big in the chest.

2014-11-21 10_16_01

Eddie Bauer gray dress pants with wide, double button waist:  I bought these and have worn them several times.  The wide waist-band is great for me – it helps keep my extra belly fat where it belongs.

2014-11-21 10_20_16

Teal skinny pants – I also bought these and wore them with my gray boots the other day.

2014-11-21 10_21_24

Finally, I have to share pics of the three wingbacks that were in the store that day.  They were only $20 each!  I think they would have been great candidates for upholstery painting, which I’ve always wanted to try!

2014_12_10_15_01_13(rev 0)2014_12_10_15_01_29(rev 0)2014_12_10_15_01_45(rev 0)
So there you have it – there are good things at the Goodwill!

thrift fix2
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