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Monday, February 23, 2015

New! Email Newsletter

Email NewsletterI’m sort of random.  And I jump from one idea to the next daily (and sometimes hourly) which makes it hard for you, my readers, to predict what’s coming next.

I have been sending out an email every time I publish a new blog post, which is usually two or three times a week.  But because my blog is so random, and some weeks I feel like posting more frequently, I’m going to start a weekly e-newsletter instead.

The newsletter will be sent out on Thursdays and include:
  • a summary of the week’s posts
  • a couple of featured posts from my blog archive
  • a favorite turkey recipe
  • a question for my readers
  • a link to all the free printables on my blog.
My goal is to provide you with weekly inspiration and food for thought, without overwhelming your inbox.  We’ll call this my “something for everyone” initiative.

If you’ve already subscribed to my email list, you don’t need to do anything.  Just open up your email on Thursday morning and you will see the brand new newsletter! (You’ll no longer get an email every time I post – just once a week.)

If you haven’t subscribed, simply enter your email below, confirm your subscription, and you will be signed up for the email newsletter AND have access to all the free printables on my blog.

And if you’re wondering what these free printables are, here’s a small sample:

Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this post!

*I promise, I'll never share your email address with anyone, and you can always unsubscribe later if you want. (I don't know why you'd want to, but you DO have the option.)

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