About Me

My name is Katie, and I live On the Banks of Squaw Creek.

I am a former teacher and current farm wife, mom, blogger and writer.  I own a small business and work part time for the Iowa Turkey Federation.  I keep myself busy working on our 100 year old farmhouse and trying to figure out how to keep it clean.

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I love…

my kids.  Sometimes, I struggle as a parent, and I share those struggles here.  Sometimes, I find something that “works” with my kids, and I share that, too.  My goal is always to do what’s best for my family, including my kids.

…my husband.  I probably don’t write about that face enough, but it’s true.  Of course he has his faults, but his work ethic, dedication to our farm, sense of humor and role as a father make up for it.

our farm.  I love our farm.  I’m proud of our farm.  I know that the way we farm is one of the right ways to farm, and I am dedicated to helping others realize that, too.

our home.  This house has been a labor of love.  We’ve come so far, and we’re so close to having all the big projects done.  It’s not perfect, but it is home for our family and always will be.

…God.  Oh boy, I should write more about this, too.  Farming (and parenting) requires great faith, and we couldn’t do either without our trust in God.

I also love decorating, beautiful 70 degree days, Laura Ingalls Wilder, French dips, using power tools, my friends, Carlos O’Kelly’s Enchilada de Monterrey, the fact that my parents and inlaws live so close to us, children’s novels, Charleston, and finding a good deal.

One of my favorite parts of blogging is meeting new friends all over the country.  So hang out with me on Facebook or enter your email to subscribe to life On the Banks of Squaw Creek.

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  1. Hello! I just found your site! I am also an Iowa blogger at mycreativedays.com. I live in Cedar Rapids. I would love to connect with other Iowa bloggers, but they are hard to find. I am new to blogging, but am loving every minute of it. I just wanted to say hello! I am glad I found ya!

  2. Just bumped into your blog - love everything that you're doing! I'm from Sioux Falls, SD and write www.krusesworkshop.blogspot.com.