About Squaw Creek

Squaw Creek runs through the heartland of America, surrounded by corn and bean fields, hog farms, cattle and poultry farms.  My husband and I both grew up a stone’s throw away from here, and it’s here that we have decided to raise our family.
I blog about our life at Squaw Creek for three reasons:
  1. to connect with others who have similar interests including (but certainly not limited to) home renovation, décor, and organization.
  2. to chronicle the lives of my little boys as they grow up, and share what I’ve learned about parenting with others.
  3. to help others understand and appreciate where their food comes from.
Contact me at katieolthoff (at) gmail (dot) com

1 comment:

  1. Hey I just came across your blog via Facebook. The name caught my eye. I live not to far from Squaw Creek and grew up going there for school field trips, with friends, and with my dad. I thought it was awesome to find another blogger so close to where I'm from! I look forward to following your blog it looks very interesting!

    Have a Great Day!