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I am not a parenting expert.  I just play one on my blog.
Just kidding.
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I am not a parenting expert, nor am I a perfect parent.  However, I have over 10 years of experience working with kids including:
  • an after school program for K-6th graders
  • teaching K and 1st graders how to keep themselves safe
  • nannying in the home
  • teaching 4th grade
  • teaching Title I for 4th-6th graders who struggled in reading and math
  • coordinating and teaching a Talented and Gifted program to K – 12th graders

I have a B.S. in Elementary Education and over 20 graduate credits in reading instruction and Talented and Gifted Education.

I also have two little boys of my own, and I am blessed to be a stay at home mom to them.  Adam was born in July 2008 (5 years old) and Isaac was born at the end of March in 2011 (2 1/2)

As I encounter challenges with my boys, I draw from my professional experiences and the hundreds of kids I’ve met over the years to solve those problems. 
In my posts about parenting, I may give advice that you don’t agree with.  That’s okay.  I am just another mom who is trying to do the best I can for my kids, and if I find something that works for me, I’m eager to share it with others.
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If you have a specific parenting or education question you’d like me to address, please leave a comment here or email me at katieolthoff (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. How did I miss that you have a blog! You are so creative! Miss you lots. Have to get together soon so some of your creative spirit can rub off on me!